May 1, 2009

The One Show and This Morning are both classed as magazine shows, but are both uniquely different, as they compete to be separate to the other magazine shows, to attract the majority of the audience.

The contents of both shows follow a similar pattern.   At the begging of each show the audience is told what is coming up, there is always a celebrity feature, a real life feature, a music feature which is usually staged in the studio and a review of new product.  The one show tends to have celebrity guest who they interview through out the show, in between features. The celebrity is interviewed about the past work and the future work and also invited to give thee opinion on topic brought up through out the show. They bring in expert to give opinion and advice on current topics. For example due to the current financial crisis they have brought in financial experts to help give advice on the current predicament as well as try to predict what might happen with it to easier inform there audience or to put them at ease. The one show has a very ‘did you know’ factor about it, a lot of there feature are very informing and based on culture, fact and history. Where as This Morning although the also have celebrity guest they tend to focus on real life stories, have people come in to explain there stories, there feature are based on real life drama, people who have suffered but have over come, or are suffering and trying to fight., as if there trying to be sympathetic to the underdog, which is the majority of there audience. This Morning is also sign posted through out the show so that the audience know exactly when to tune in, they don’t want the audience to miss anything so by constantly sign posting everything the audience is frequently reminded of what is coming up and persuaded to carry on watching as the don’t want to miss the ‘exciting’ events which are coming up.

The set and lighting of the shows are as a basic are very similar. For example both use a very open plan, which seems welcoming to there audience, like there inviting them in, it is all block colours, there are no fancy patterns or anything complicated just simple block colours. The lighting of the sets are very soft not to hard, to keep up with the cheery disposition, creating a more friendly environment. Its also make it seem like that is more during day time hours the lighting seems more natural and less studio compared to evening shows. This Morning set look like an average living room with cream sofas, a coffee table  and vases of flowers and photo frames, the have created a comfy and casual  environment which seem welcoming.  The Sofa is shaped in a ‘V’ shape which immediately draws your eye focus in to those in the centre; also because of the angling of the sofa it makes the audience feel that they are included in the conversation. They also use a live backdrop this again makes the audience feel more involved as it gives a sense of reality. The one show set is more modern and ‘trendy’ for example there sofa is lime green and there table is of unique design as are the object in the back ground, although they are still all block colours, they are quite  bold and florescent. It seems as if there going for a more futuristic look, trying to keep with times.  The sofa is in a L shape which does the same job as This morning sofa inviting the audience in how ever the distance between the sofa the camera and the presenter and the people being interviewed makes it seems more formal and more professional.

The presenting in both shows are very cheery, welcoming and alluring. When introducing the show the only ever give you a tempting snippet of what coming up.  The one show seem very professional and neat, everything fits in to place the presenter are mixed in age and sex, the clothes are coordinated so that they match but to balance out this harshness, they uses direct address to audience by talking directly in to the camera and friendly language. Another way they interacted with audience where phone ins, also on sight location interviewing the public. This Morning however uses a more personal approach, reach there audience at a more emotional response by doing heart wrenching stories. Also by involving the viewers by having them appear on the show and setting up completion’s for the public to enter. They also just like the one show use direct address to the camera, to get the audience involved and feel like they are part of the conversation.

Both shows are appeal to a variety of audience, some of which cross over, a lot of this is reflected in what time the show is broadcasted. For example this morning is shown at 10.30 am, after the main stream news is over, after most business men or women have gone to work. There main target audience is AOP’s , students and  the unemployed. The program is almost overly cheery, as if to inspire hope in to them. All the feature through out there program are based around this target audience. The One Show however target mainly business men and women, which airs at 7pm which is just after , they offer more of sophisticated show, as it when most business people are in from work. They styles of the show are crafted to fit there target audience.

In conclusion both show follow the generic conventions of a magazine show, yet they both have there own individual approach to how they reach there audiences.



March 20, 2009

Overall i did enjoy this module as it was challenge , with haveing to learn all the diffrent programs and indepence of artefacts as the quite simply just told us what product we had  to make, the desgin and style where completly lef to me  .  Dreamweaver was the program i had most of the promblems, photoshop i was already quite confident as i had used it previously. Flash although it took a while i eventually got the hang of it.

you tube

March 20, 2009

You tube is a video sharing website, it was created in 2005 and bought out by google in 2006

It is one of the biggest growing site nation wide, it is a free space where people can post up there video expressing there talent opinions anything they like, however it is censored. It has also changed  how the music industry as your are able to watch any new music video for free with out having to watch or listen to all the adverts  like you do on either radio or music channels . It has but a dip in the Industry profit and although they can remove video if 100 hundred people put that video how are they going to get rid of them.  However it dose cross bourdries with legal issues for example the  government had an issues of when Sadam Hussien was hung, some one filmed it on there camera phone which was then published all over the internet , including youtube, but is it youtube resonasability or isresponsbility of the indvidual, but surly if there given there consumer this amount of freedom they should be able to sensor it aprobritly


March 20, 2009

Convergence is when different types of media combine.

Media industry’s are  currently combing hundreds of different Media, such as phones and music , profiles and blogging , Internet and phones, radio and TV, music and Internet. The industry is changing due the society’s demand for connivance but at the same time the have to offer simpleness . The industry is forever changing often makes it hard to keep up with it.

Also is the industry more advanced than there letting on, are they slowly realising the technology they do have to create more of a profit, if so is it fair, if it  is not fair is there anything we  can do to make it fair.

Game Consoles

March 20, 2009

i was litstening to a group of guys talking about games consoles and comparing the diffrence

This got my thinking why are there so many diffrent product that all do exactly the same thing that all brag there  diffrent.

We have about five diffrent game consoles that all play the same games, hundreds of diffrent  styles and grades of phones which all do the same thing but next time round apprently it  is more improved, yet it seems to do exactly the same thing as any phone or console i’ve had befor.  Are they actually diffrent or is that just what the industry is telling us .  Or  is because we as society want diffrent option or is it just a mass scheme set up by the industry to make a profit ??

Is all this media needed or is it just what we think is needed

Red Nose Day

March 19, 2009

A prime example of convergence in media was shown recently in the  tv Marathon, red nose days.  This charity marathon first began with that to give donations over the phone, this later on development  in to being able to donate online via and email address given  out through out the marathon. Then in then in the most recent Red Nose Day you can also donate via text, you would text the number with the message  yes and they out £5 on the phone bill that is all donated  to comic relief

Media is developing to what is most easiest for there consumers, they attending to society’s laziness , what ever is easiest for the consumer, in a positive way there making the audience more active as there making it easier  for them to be involved

I wont lie and pretend that I’m confident with the  programs  Flash and Dreamweaver’

I had particular difficulties with dreamweaver had i couldn’t get use to div tags and the css, it took me a while to get the hang of it ,  i’m still not full sure on how it work but hopefully next term i will have time t o go back to the program.

Flash i orginally struggled with as it was a program i never  i never used be for so it took a while for me to get use to, i got hang the program and was able to make a simple slide show however i wanted to advance this by making a in and out, i initially had problems with doing this as i wasn’t tuning the the image in to graphic.


March 19, 2009

Due to the new development in tecnologhy privacy has become a thing of pass. Any thing and everything can be read and traced in these modern days, privacy is a thing of the past, every email and text sent every phone call made, every picture posted and any comment maede  despite the advances in technology that is meant to give us a whole new level of freedom, as long with the freedom we are being watched like big brother, where any of  are action can be traced and used against you.  The Internet has become a alternative method to CCTV

So may argue that this is no freedom at all the industry as the idustry is very much in control, although you have the freedom to write what you want, you have to sensor what you write as you don’t who may read it and how it may be used in future reference


March 19, 2009

Flash is an animation and interactive program by adobe basically it is used to make animation to make object and cartoon character move and come to life

In the work shop we where shown how to do simple animation using motiontweens, but my main focus for flash was making a slide show with my images that i had used for my first artefact. I started out by simply put the images on to time line putting a stop layer, adding button and action sequence so that when you clicked on the buttons you where either moved forward or backward through out the sequence of photos.

Next to improve the slide show i wanted my images in to fade in out, so i  created a new symbol turned each image in to a graphic then made each  image in to a key frame of 15, then changing the alpha at each end of the key frame then adding a motion tween in between so when it played the key frame back it had fade effect, i the would drop this graphic on to the stage of my scene.

Virtuel Worlds

March 19, 2009

Virtual world are 2D and 3D world on the Internet where you can create your own virtual world, with your own virtual life with job, house ,pet, relationships  and even virtual money.

Virtual worlds have become and industry on there own, as they have begun to transfer real money in to virtual, as people begin to buy things for the virtual life’s . Some people create a whole new life’s in there virtual world some even build relationships even loves life in these worlds.  They are like an evolved version of  online chat rooms.

* In America a couple met in one of the virtual worlds and got married during the marriage she found him having sex in a virtual world so she divorced him*

Do the same rules in real world apply to those in a virtual world and i where the line where the virtual is just simply virtual and where dose it cross over to real life ?